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Source: The Western Center for Journalism, "Spanish Company Will 'Count' American Votes Overseas In November", by Doug Book, April 10, 2012

When the Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election. For SOE, the Tampa based corporation purchased by SCYTL in January, supplies the election software which records, counts, and reports the votes of Americans in 26 states–900 total jurisdictions–across the nation.

As the largest election results reporting company in the US, SOE provides reports right down to the precinct level. But before going anywhere else, those election returns are routed to individual, company servers where the people who run them “…get ‘first look’ at results and the ability to immediately and privately examine vote details throughout the USA.” In short, “this redirects results …to a centralized privately held server which is not just for Ohio, but national; not just USA-based, but global.”

And although the votes will be cast in hometown, American precincts on Election Day, with the Barcelona-based SCYTL taking charge of the process, they will be routed and counted overseas.
SCYTL itself is a leader in internet voting technology and in 2010 was involved in modernizing election systems for the midterm election in 14 American states.

But although SCYTL’s self-proclaimed reputation for security had won the company the Congressionally approved task of handling internet voting for American citizens and members of the military overseas, upon opening the system for use in the District of Columbia, the University of Michigan fight song “The Victors” was suddenly heard after the casting of each ballot. The system had been hacked by U of M computer teachers and students in response to a challenge by SCYTL that anyone who wished to do so, might try!

Nevertheless, in spite of warnings by experts across the nation, American soldiers overseas will once again vote via the internet in 2012. And because SCYTL will control the method of voting and—thanks to the purchase of SOE–the method of counting the votes as well, there “…will be no ballots, no physical evidence, no way for the public to authenticate who actually cast the votes…or the count.”

The American advocacy group Project Vote has concluded that SCYTL’s internet voting system is vulnerable to attack from the outside AND the inside, a situation which could result in “…an election that does not accurately reflect the will of the voters…” Talk about having a flair for understatement!
It has also been claimed that SCYTL CEO Pere Valles is a socialist who donated heavily to the 2008 Obama campaign and lived in Chicago during Obama’s time as Illinois State Senator. Unfortunately, given what is known about the character of Barack Obama, such rumors must be taken as serious threats to the integrity of the 2012 vote and the legitimate outcome of the election.

Though much has been written about the threat of nationwide voting by illegals in November, it is still true that most election fraud is an “inside” job. And there now exists a purely electronic voting service which uses no physical ballots to which an electronic count can be matched should questions arise. Add to this the fact that the same company will have “first count” on all votes made in 14 US states and hundreds of jurisdictions in 12 others, and the stage is set for election fraud on a scale unimaginable just a decade ago.

Perhaps Obama had reason for supreme confidence when he said “after my election” rather than “in case of” to Russian President Medvedev a week ago.



According to the Berkshire Hathaway Business Wire “Through their successful deployment in Mississippi for the state’s Primary Elections, SCYTL and Election Systems & Software (ES&S) have demonstrated the benefits that their technology collaboration have afforded their state customers…” SCYTL and ES&S have been working together to help election jurisdictions to meet the requirements of the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act of 2009.”

According to “The machines used in the 2008 South Carolina primary were ES&S machines.”  These machines have quite a history.

Flipping, Missing, Uncounted and Uncountable Votes                                                                                In September 2002 spot checks showed that the machines failed to record any votes of Miami Dade in several precincts. When the main tabulations were compared with a back-up, discrepancies emerged. In October 2002 Texas voters reported that the vote flipped from one party’s candidate to the other. In May 2003, software bugs invalidated votes in a North Miami Beach runoff election. The results could not be audited, recounted, or certified. In January 2004, ES&S machines recorded 134 under votes in an election where the winner received 12 more votes than the loser. The loser requested a recount but because the votes were cast on electronic voting machines, there was no paper trail. Election officials ruled that no recount was required. In 2008, voters complained that ES&S machines flip votes from one party to the other.  Also in 2008, ES&S machines added 5,000 phantom votes to the total count in Rapid City, South Dakota.

E & S Machines proven vulnerable to Hacks, Viruses and Failures                                                           A security evaluation of ES&S voting systems was performed at Pennsylvanian University in 2007.  The 13 page evaluation should have served as notice to remove all ES&S machines immediately.  While numerous problems were reported, I want to focus on two which could have affected the outcome of the South Carolina primary.

1.      Altering data through the touchscreen interface.                                                                 Errors in the machine’s input processing code could allow anyone with access to the PEB slot on the face of the terminal (including the voter) to load malicious software that takes complete control over the machine’s processor.  Once loaded, this software can alter the terminal firmware, change recorded votes, mis-record future votes, and so on throughout the Election Day and in future elections.  

2.     Compromise ByVirus                                                                                                                                                   A compromised machine can modify a PEB such that it carries a malicious payload which affects other machines on which it is subsequently used. 

More VotesThan Voters                                                                                                                                                                      In the South Carolina 2008 primaries there were three counties with more votes cast in the Republican Governor’s race than the reported turnout in the Republican primary.

Strong disparities between absentee ballots and Election Day ballots.                                            Senate candidate Rawl performed 11 percentage points better amond absentee voters than he did among Election Day voters.

According to The issue here is that overseas military and ex-pat votes are being handled by this one company (SCYTL).  They can bump votes in close states very easily.  The MOVE Act (passed by the Democratic Congress in 2009) had this in it.  It required the use of “electronic methods” of registration forms and ballots as well as the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot.  The act also eliminated the requirement of notarization for overseas ballots.



The Secretary of State Project (SoSP) was established in July 2006 as an independent organization devoted to helping Democrats get elected to the office of secretary of state in selected swing, or battleground states.  One of the principal duties of the secretary of state is to serve as the chief election officer who certifies candidates as well as election results in his or her state. The holder of this office, then, can potentially play a key role in determining the winner in a close election.  AMONG THE MORE NOTABLE CONTRIBUTORS TO THE SoSP WAS GEORGE SOROS.

One beneficiary of SoSP funding in 2006 was Democrat Jennifer Brunner who was elected Secretary of State in Ohio. She ruled that Ohio residents should be permitted, during the designated early voting period from late September to early October TO REGISTER AND VOTE ON THE VERY SAME DAY. She also refused to purge the Registered Voter Lists of deceased individuals. In a separate matter, Brunner sought to invalidate many of the approximately one million absentee-ballot applications that Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s campaign had issued. In October 2008, Brunner refused to comply with county election-board requests that she turn over approximately 200,000 voter-registration forms in which the name did not match the driver’s license or Social Security number.

Another beneficiary of SoSP support was Democrat Mark Ritchie who was elected Minnesota Secretary of State in 2006.   A former community organizer with close ties to ACORN, has ideological ties to the Communist Party USA, and has been described by Communist Tim Wheeler as a “friend” of the Party. In 2008 George Soros personally gave $10,000 to SoSP.  In that year, Ritchie played a major role in a crucial state election. In October of that year, a conservative watchdog group exhorted Ritchie to order a “thorough review and verification of all voter registration records” citing some 261,000 duplicative registrations and 63,000 voter listings with invalid or nonexistent addresses. (The Marxist organization ACORN committed massive voter fraud in this election).

Richie’s first act in office was to dismantle the ballot reconciliation program then in existence.  Under that program districts were required to check that the number of ballots issued matched the number of votes cast. That proved that the vote count was accurate. In the 2008 election, 17,000 more votes were cast then there were voters who voted.

In Minnesota’s November election for U.S. Senate, Republican incumbent Norm Coleman finished 725 votes ahead of Democratic challenger Al Franken.  This was in spite of the massive voter fraud cited above. The thin margin of victory triggered an automatic recount.  With Mark Ritchie presiding over the recount process during the ensuing weeks, Coleman’s lead gradually dwindled due to what journalist Matthew Vadum describes as a long list of “appalling irregularities” that invariably benefited Franken.

For example, during the recount process, a number of ballots were found in an election judge’s car; one Minnesota county suddenly discovered 100 new votes for Franken and claimed that a clerical error had caused them to go previously uncounted; another county tallied 177 more votes than it had recorded on Election Day; and yet another county reported 133 fewer votes than its voting machines had tabulated. “Almost every time new ballots materialized, or tallies were updated or corrected, Franken benefited” writes Vadum. In addition, at least 393 convicted felons voted illegally in two Minnesota counties. This was truly a case of a stolen election.

The Secretary of State candidates supported by the SoSP all sing the same tune: “Voter fraud is a myth; Cleansing dead and fictional characters from the voter lists should be avoided; Anyone who demands that a voter produce photo identification before voting is a racist, democracy-hating Fascist.”

If the Democrats wanted to turn the vote counting over to a voting machine company that would manufacture the voting outcome, which is in a more important position than a state Secretary of State?

SOURCES: Discoverthenetworks.org8/5/12, redstate.com4/21/10



Electronic voting is the latest trend in vote fraud.  You just push a button, the screen says ok and you leave.  No paper trail, no receipt, not even physical proof that you ever ‘voted’ in the first place. This virtual and fraudulent voting process fits in perfectly with our virtual democracy.

Dictators like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela love electronic voting machines.  In fact, it was the Smartmatic company which was hired by Hugo Chavez to replace all election machines ahead of his power-consolidating referendum in Venezuela.  Smartmatic was incorporated in the year 2000 in Boca Raton, Florida under its corporate President, Antonia Mugica Rivero, a Venezuelan, who had been refused a visa to even set foot in the United States.

In 2005 Smartmatic used the enormous amount of money given to it by Chavez for its ‘services’ in helping him to consolidate his power to buy Sequoia Voting Systems in the US.  The Sequoia machines are used in California, Illinois, and 18 other states to decide both general and primary elections. The problem is that since its purchase by Smartmatic, the MAJORITY OF SEQUOIA SHAREHOLDERS ARE VENEZUELAN (as in Venezuelan Communists).

The Obama administration proceeded to lend a hand in spreading the use of these Sequoia machines by contributing $2 billion in federal funds toward the installation and use of the new Sequoia electronic voting machines across America.

Hmmm, smell anything yet? Venezuelan communists owning American voting machines helped out by an American President who is himself rumored to be a Marxist? Certain members of our government certainly did.  Chicago City Alderman Edward R. Burke said: “We’ve stumbled on what we think could be an international conspiracy to subvert the electoral process of the United States”.

Things need to be broken down here because there are fronts behind fronts occulting the whole rotten deal.  And the truth is this: Chavez is a KGB (FSB) agent- A Communist pro Russia, pro-China, anti-American puppet who has opened his country and his ports to the Russian and Chinese military. Anyone holding anything in today’s Venezuela is a Marxist stooge of Chavez. And these are the Venezuelans who own our voting machines-communist agents. These are the people who will decide our elections.

Foreign Venezuelan Communists controlling voting in 20 states.  But that is not all.

The Spanish company SCYTL controls the voting machines in the other 30 states.

The CEO of SCYTL, Pere Valles, is a Socialist who has close ties to George Soros and was apparently a major financial supporter of Barack Obama in 2008. The major owner of SCYTL, Balderton Capital viduals are Socialists.

Due to the doctrine of “plausible deniability”, many notorious individuals and even nations make major investments through token front men.  As an example, a Mafia family would advance money to a respectable business man to purchase a gambling casino.  Although it can’t be easily traced, the actual owner of the casino would be the Mafia.  While it would not be able to easily prove it, it is not unlikely that the actual owner of SCYTL is George Soros.  He certainly has very close ties to Pere Valles, Balderton Capital, and Goldman Sachs.

Spain is a basket case country with perpetual 25% unemployment and an economy that has collapsed since 1975. How does a bankrupt basket case of a country suddenly get the wherewithal of putting together the purchase of the largest vote-tallying company in the United States?  Needless to say, Spain does not have the capital to do this.  George Soros certainly has the capital to make such an acquisition.

China also has the capital to make such acquisitions.  The Chinese have been using both Spanish and Australian companies as fronts for their economic acquisitions and activities abroad. China could be using SCYTL as a front. We should not be lulled into sleep because SCYTL is owned by venture capital firms.  A firm is a legal fiction; there are people or even countries behind the fiction.

Who will be tallying the results for America’s 2012 election? The Communists will…through the fraudulent electronic voting infrastructure they have established here in the United States which they literally OWN.

Electronic voting machines have been compromised numerous times. Elections have been stolen using electronic voting machines. We now have voting in all 50 states controlled by Venezuelan Communists and Spanish Socialists.  America can’t afford to have the 2012 election decided by our enemies.

SOURCE: endofwesternciv.blogspot.com7/2012



Over 900 jurisdictions in 26 states across the United States, including 14 state-wide customers, currently use SOE software in their electoral process. The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act of 2009 mandates that U.S. jurisdictions allow its uniformed and overseas citizens to receive and track their ballots electronically. As a result, many jurisdictions now allow their uniformed and overseas citizens to mark their ballots using online platforms.

Critics say that the machines and software the company provides are too vulnerable to hackers and to those intent on perpetrating voter fraud. The problems associated with electronic voting led to a major complaint being filed with the Electronic Assistance Commission by Voter Action.

Prior to 2012 much of the software being used for voting system upgrades came from a company called SOE.  SCYTL acquired SOE in late 2011 and early 2012.  The platform that SCYTL currently uses actually originated with SOE before the acquisition.

But herein lies yet another problem inherent with the software, according to critics. Elections and vote fraud expert Bev Harris of Black Box Voting says that the uniform system SCYTL now uses makes it impossible to check for accuracy, given that it does not mandate a paper trail of votes. There is no proof, no written record, and no documentation.

SCYTL CEO Pere Valles is reported to be a Socialist and a major Obama donor. Mr. Valles had previously worked as Senior Manager for KPMG’s Mergers and Acquisitions group.  A quick look at Obama donors from KMPG HITS THE JACKPOT. Four pages of Obama donors are definitive of Senior Manager Pere Valles'  team. Pere Valles is not shown on the Federal Elections Commission donor list, but it is likely that Valles name was removed from the donors list as one of the 5340 deleted names.  It is odd that so many of his underlings would contribute to the Obama campaign without his buy in. Further, we have uncovered significant financial ties between SCYTL investors and the Obama administration.

The major investor in SCYTL is Balderton Capital.  Closer inspection reveals that Balderton Capital is linked to an Obama donation source, Benchmark Capital. Balderton was founded in 2000 by Benchmark Capital.  In 2007 Balderton formerly became independent, although Balderton maintains close ties with Benchmark.

Voting is key to our system. Everyone should contribute to the effort for fair and secure elections.  SCYTL processing votes in Spain is unacceptable.  The transparent tabulation of votes is critical to free elections.  In the SOE/SCYTL systems, local precincts will no longer count the votes.  The task will be completed by a foreign company which we do not control. Once the votes are merged, local officials will be unable to recheck their integrity.  The danger that elections can be stolen undermines the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic. SCYTL MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE VOTE COUNTING PROCESS.

SOURCE: blogdoodooecon7/28/12




2.      YOU MUST ACT TO SAVE OUR FREE REPUBLIC. Pick up the phone.  Write a letter.  Send a fax.  Contact your state Governor and Secretary of State.  Contact your state Senator and Assemblyman.  Contact your Congressman and U.S. Senator.  Contact Congressman John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell. Contact all news media: print, television, radio, electronic. Demand that all vote processing be taken away from SCYTL and any similar vote processing machines.  

When you contact government officials ask the following questions:

1.     Did the Federal Elections Commission approve of this SCYTL intrusion? 

2.     Did the Congress approve of this? 

3.     Ask John Boehner why the House of Representatives don’t withhold election funding until SCYTL is removed? 

4.     Was this done by executive order from the White House? 

5.     Ask the Secretary of State from your state to remove SCYTL from all vote processing. 

6.     Is this the final step in Obama vote rigging? 

7.     Why are the Mass News Media not covering this?  

8.     Why is a Spanish company going to count the overseas ballots of our Armed Forces members?  Who in the Department of Defense, Federal Elections Commission, and in the Congress approved this?