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The Health Care Bill has destroyed our Freedom


Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.  It must be fought for and protected and then passed on to our children for them to do the same-RONALD REAGAN


On July 1, 1776, our fore-fathers gave us freedom.  On March 21, 2010 Congress took some of our freedom away. 


For the first time in our nation’s 234 year history, the government has come between doctors and patients.  The Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare will now decide which medical procedures may be used by physicians. That means he could outlaw some procedures currently in use. Patients would no longer be able to choose their doctor and their method of treatment.


The government is not qualified to dictate these life and death decisions.  Millions would die because they were denied necessary life-saving procedures.


The bill further provides that the authority of the Secretary of Health and Human Services to determine which procedures are allowable is permanent and may not be repealed by future congresses.


The bill further provides that every American MUST purchase Health Insurance, or pay fines of thousands of dollars.  Thousands of additional I.R.S. agents will be hired to enforce this provision.


In addition, the bill loots the Medicare Fund of between 500 billion and 1 trillion dollars to pay for insurance for 30 million additional people, probably mainly illegal immigrants.  Looting Medicare would result in the premature deaths of millions of senior citizens.


In the entire 234 years of our nation’s existence there has never been such an assault on our personal freedom.


The only hope to head off more catastrophic damage to our nation is to ”THROW ALL THE RASCALS OUT.  It is up to the citizens to fight to save our country.  We must talk to everyone we know:  friends; relatives; neighbors; co-workers; strangers.  Tell people who have voted Democratic all their lives to “THROW ALL THE RASCALS OUT” in the election in November 2010 and vote for every Republican or Conservative on the ballot.


Bob Diamond, President