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            The United Nations and the Human Rights Council have always been controlled by a majority of nations with questionable records in the area of Human Rights.  Communist China murdered 100 million Chinese as it consolidated it’s totalitarian power.  Only a few years ago it murdered college students peacefully assembled to ask for Democracy and Freedom.  Soviet Russia’s hands are equally bloody.  Lenin and Stalin murdered 50 million Russians including small farmers and Ukrainians in their drive to enslave that unhappy nation.


            Pol Pot learned communism during his college days in Paris.  He returned to Cambodia to put his Communist theories into practice.  He believed that all city dwellers were evil Capitalists.  His soldiers drove everyone out of the cities.  These people knew nothing about farming.  Millions died of starvation.  Books were written about the “Killing Fields of Cambodia.”


             Sudan is ruled by an Arab Moslem dictatorship.  They are waging genocidal war against the black Christian population who live in the southern part of the country.  Sudan, along with other Moslem Arab countries actually continues to practice slavery.  During the war against the Black Christians, the men are exterminated, and the women and children are taken as slaves.  The Moslem Arabs sexually exploit the female slaves.


             The Moslem countries who practice Sharia law severely restrict the rights of women.  The women are forbidden from getting an education or working in a profession. They are considered the property first of their father, and later of their husband.  They must obey their male owner.  If they wish to leave the house they must be covered with a garment from head to toe.  Only their eyes and shoes may be seen.


            Many African countries are similarly repressive.  Rwanda suffered a Holocaust.  While Rwanda was under United Nations supervision, the U.N. disarmed the Tutsi minority.  This allowed the Hutu majority to go on a killing spree in which they exterminated between 1 million and 2 million Tutsi.  When the U.N. disarmed the Tutsi, they promised the Tutsi that U.N. soldiers would protect them.  When the Holocaust began, they U.N. soldiers did not intervene.  They even told the Hutu mobs were the Tutsi were Hiding.


            When the former Belgian Congo received independence, the Moscow trained Communist Patrice Lumumba unleashed a reign of terror on the Congolese People.

The province of Katanga was ruled by Moise Tshombe.  Tshombe believed in Democracy, Freedom, and a Free Enterprise economy.  During the utter chaos sweeping the Congo, the province of Katanga enjoyed Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity.  Lumumba’s soldiers could not defeat the free Katangese forces.  The Communist Lumumba turned to the organization that he knew was on his side.  He turned to the United Nations.  U.N. soldiers massacred the Katangese and the province was turned over to Communist tyranny.


            This is the organization which will judge the Human Rights of the two democracies, Israel and the United States.  Arizona has been flooded with Drug Dealers and Criminals who crossed the unprotected boarder with Mexico.  This same open border can and will be crossed by Moslem Jihadists. Congress enacted laws requiring the Federal Government to protect our borders.  Both President Bush and President Obama disobeyed Congress and failed to enforce these laws.


 Arizona, under military siege by the criminals, and unprotected by the Federal Government, enacted the exact laws that Congress had passed and determined to enforce the laws ignored by 2 Presidents. The law provides that an illegal immigrant convicted of a crime would be deported back to the country of their origin.  Seventy per cent of Americans agree with the law.  But the lying mass news media twisted the meaning of the law.  The Obama administration, which forced a 3,000 page Socialist Medicine nightmare on America, condemned the 20 page Arizona law.  None of  the Obama officials read they simple law.  How can they lie about it if they read it?


             President Obama had a meeting with the bloodthirsty Communist Chinese Dictators.  This is the country that murdered 100 million Chinese.  This is the country that slaughtered thousands of College Students who peacefully petitioned for Freedom. Obama told the bloody Communist Dictators: “America has no right to judge the Human Rights record of China.  Arizona passed a law violating human Rights.”


            America see your future.  The power elite who spent 100 million to elect Obama and control the media plan to bring America into the New World Order.  We will surrender our precious Constitution.  We will lose our Freedom.  Schemes like Cap and Trade and the Value Added Tax will reduce our Standard of Living to that of a third world country like North Korea. They plan to merge our country into a world government dictatorship to ruled by the United Nations called the NEW WORLD ORDER.


            The power elite don’t fear the voters.  They will continue to give Obama unlimited television time to read the lying scripts from the teleprompter.  The mass news media will never allow people who disagree with him to be heard.  All the companies who wish to do business with the Federal Government have been extorted into giving massive political contributions to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party will have a massive Political War chest.


            The Democratic Senators and Democratic Congressman who betrayed their country with the Socialized Medicine Bill will be able to buy 3 or 4 times the television time as their Republican opponents. They are confident that we will be fooled since they own the media and will drown us with lying television advertisements. They believe that the American People are stupid and have short memories.











            The history of the world has been the boot of tyranny stamping on the face of the victim.  The strongest caveman beat up everyone else and ate all the food.  The feudal lord owned the serfs who were slaves.  Kings had absolute power over their subjects.  Dictators also had life and death power over the people.


            Then came the American Revolution.  Jefferson wrote that people had rights granted by God and that government could not take away those rights.  Our founding fathers gave us our precious constitution including our wonderful bill of rights.  It was recognized that we had freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, the right to own property, the right to a jury trial, the right to bear arms to defend our families, and many other precious rights.


            Our founding fathers feared a dictatorial executive branch of government.  They feared a dictatorial judicial branch.  They wrote a constitution that tied the hands of the federal government so as to prevent it from becoming a dictatorship.


            The country that resulted from this constitution was the envy of the world.  We truly had “a land of milk and honey”.  Our people enjoyed unprecedented freedom.  They had a right to own property.  They knew that if they worked hard they could keep much of the fruit of their labor.  Penniless immigrants came to America not even knowing our language.  Many worked hard, saved their money, went into business, and became wealthy.  Their children became Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, and Lawyers.


            Emma Lazarus wrote the following inscription on the Statue of Liberty:  “Give me your tired, your poor, your teeming masses yearning to breath free.  I lift my lamp beside the golden gate.”  Millions of people from every country in the world yearn to become Americans.


            The dictatorial power elite never liked to give up their control over free men.  They want to return to the days when they control all wealth and control all the people.  They want to return us to the feudal days and make us back into penniless slaves with no freedom, and no rights.


            Who are the power elite?  They include such billionaires as David Rockefeller, George Soros, and the Goldman-Sachs firm.  These power brokers also control such dictators as Vladimir Putin of Russia, Hu Jintao of China, and Hugo Chavez of Venezuala.  They are all working towards bringing us into THE NEW WORD ORDER, which is a single world-wide dictatorship ruled by the United Nations.  And this power elite would run the United Nations.


            Since many countries still have free elections, and the people do not want to be reduced to penniless slaves, the power elite bring about their goals with secrecy and deception.  The power elite already control virtually all of the mass news media.  The mass news media keep this conspiracy totally secret and continually lie to deceive the people.


            The power elite could not abolish all national states at once because that would wake up the people and thwart their goals.  Their plan, therefore, is to first create a separate government for each continent.  Once that is accomplished, they will combine all of the continent governments into a world-wide government.


            They have already succeeded with this plan in Western Europe.  Under the European Union, the national states have very little sovereignty or authority left.  Most of the power is exercised by un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels.  This is indeed “taxation without representation.”


              One has only to read the newspapers to see the chains tightening on all the continents.  We have already been tricked into combining with Canada and Mexico into NAFTA.  (The North American Free Trade Association).  While the media lied to us and told us it would bring prosperity, the result was exactly the opposite.  Tens of millions of American jobs went to Mexico.  The power elite are working feverishly to jail all of us into a prison called NAU (The North American Union).  Similar continental governments are being pushed for South America, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean Sea.


            The Power elite discovered a wonderful tool to quickly destroy their last obstacle to World Government, the United States. They found a charismatic young man who looks like a movie star and is a golden-tongued orator. Better still, he is a dedicated Marxist who hates our free Constitution.  This tool is a man named Barack Hussein Obama.


            The power elite billionaires such as David Rockefeller, George Soros, and Goldman Sachs spent hundreds of millions of dollars to get him elected.  With the controlled mass media giving him unlimited television time, he was able to read lying scripts from the teleprompter and fool the American People.  During the campaign he promised us wonderful benefits but no tax increases on the middle class.  He knew this was a lie when he was reading it.  The American People accepted his lies and elected him.


            He repaid the power elite many times over.  The Wall Street conspirators deliberately manipulated the stock market to produce a temporary catastrophic plunge. Using this as an excuse, Obama took trillions of dollars in tax money stolen from the hard-working middle class and gave it to his Wall Street buddies.  They immediately gave themselves bonuses of millions of dollars.


            Aided by a Senate and House of Representatives controlled by the Democratic Party willing to rubber-stamp any proposal put forth by Obama, he has been rapidly smashing our constitution.  Virtually every cabinet member appointed by Obama has been a Marxist like himself.  For the Supreme Court, he nominated a Marxist who has never been a judge and is against Freedom of Speech.  She said she believes is “speech redistribution.”  It would be tragic for our freedom if this dangerous extremist is confirmed for a life-time appointment to the Supreme Court.


            They rammed through a Health Care Bill bitterly opposed by 70% of the American People.  The bill will take away our freedom to choose doctors, reduce the quality of our health care and burden us with heavy new taxes.


            The power elite plans to inflict the Cap and Trade fraud on the American People. First they lie that our planet is warming, which is untrue.  October 2009 was the coldest October in history.  Glaciers are growing in the South Pole.  Then they lie that if we burn coal or oil it warms the planet.  No evidence supports this lie.  Burning does produce Carbon Dioxide.  They lie that Carbon Dioxide causes global warming and we must reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions.  All green plants on earth breathe in Carbon Dioxide. Without Carbon Dioxide we would have no food to eat.


            After telling these outrageous lies, they intend to enact an evil scheme called Cap and Trade.  This scheme would impose heavy taxes on every manufacturing process that involves burning fossil fuel.  The final result would be an inflation that would reduce the American standard of living to that of o third-world country.  Millions would go hungry.


            They also plan a value-added tax which would have exactly the same effect as Cap and Trade.  This would be a Sales Tax on everything sold in the United States.


            Various American Presidents, all under the direct or indirect control of the power elite have refused to enforce our immigration laws.  We are flooded with tens of millions of illegal immigrants.  These illegal immigrants take away jobs that would otherwise be filled by Americans.  While not paying taxes, the illegal immigrants consume millions of dollars of services. They receive welfare, their children attend our schools, and they flood our emergency rooms.  An underreported fact is the high level of crimes committed by illegal immigrants.  One third of the criminals in federal prisons are illegal immigrants.  Seventy per cent of criminals in California prisons are illegal immigrants.  They strain our police resources, our court resources, and our prison resources.


            When Obama talks about Immigration Reform, he is not talking about fining employers who break the law by hiring them.  He is not talking about protecting our southern border by building a fence.  He is not talking about deporting convicted criminals.  He is talking about GIVING IMMEDIATE CITIZENSHIP TO ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.  Since their benefactor is the Democratic Party, they will overwhelmingly vote Democratic.  No Republican will ever be elected again.  We will become another Venezuala.  Obama will reveal that he always has been another Hugo Chavez.  He will change the constitution to permit him to be a dictator for life.